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This was much needed for metadata driven automation

Apr 17, 2012 at 1:11 PM

I'm working on one automation piece for a project and I was using DMVs to query metadata and get the required information, but apparently, we cannot get Key Columns and Name columns from DSV layer for attributes using DMV coz i think DMVs dont hold information that is to do with DSV layer.

Using AMO, DSV information could be fetched as I can see it from your table relationships. I configured your code and quickly set it up on my box. It gives me all the information that I wanted for now, Great stuff guys.

This was really much needed for metadata driven mapping from BI objects to source, which is readily available in other DBMSs like Oracle. Microsoft could consider adding this to their SQL 2012 R1 version.

Great stuff. If you can add some cool reporting stuff on top of your database tables, it would make your stuff complete and more awesome :)